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There are many villages on the island, that harmonically combine the majestic mountain beauty with the intensively cultivated agricultural plains and kilometers of sweeping golden sands.


Apeiranthos (or T'Aperathou) is a pretty village on the slops of Mount Zas at 650 metres altitude and was supposed to have originally been settled by Cretans. The architectural design of the houses in Apeiranthos has remained almost untouched since the time of the Venetian Empire: narrow marble paved mule tracks, often covered by archways.

Koronos (36 Km from Naxos Town) is one of the most beautiful villages in Naxos Island. It is a stepped village, scrabbling up two opposite mountain sides and renowned for its emery mines. As there is no road passing through the village, exploring can be done only on foot.On the square, Platsa is a place where you can rest, have refreshments, local wine or eat grilled food. Anagennisi Restaurant on the entrace to the village is an excllent choice for exclusive receipes and past - pizza.

Filoti is a nice village, settled well up on the flank of Zas mountain and it is surrounded by olive groves There are quite a few cafes and taverns, many of them been shaded by a massive plane tree.

Heimarrou Tower is one of the most important monuments of Naxos. The monument is situated on the southeastern side of the island, half way between Zas, the highest mountain of Naxos, and the sea, on a hill between two ravines, Heimarros to the east and Petronia to the west. The tower stands within an almost square enclosed wall, measuring about 35m. on each side. It is better preserved in the south and most of the western and eastern sides.

Halki (or Tragea), 16 Km from Naxos Town, once administrative centre, is a beautiful village with long history. It is situated in the middle of an olive grove with towers built by Byzantines and Venetians. The beautiful houses provide evidence for the town's earlier prosperity: this is small lordly township, which has its own important market.

Sagri (11 Km from Naxos Town) with its ancient monuments, Byzantine Churches, Venetian castles is one of the interesting places in Naxos Island. The plethora of old Byzantine churches and Monasteries in the area are reminiscent of the famous Byzantine area of Mystra. The village itself with the beautiful island houses, quaint cobblestone alleys's old churches and monasteries, amazing windmills and above all its hospitable inhabitants, gathers the interests of both local sand visitors to the area.